Mission Statement

החזון שלנו

The mission of Hannah Senesh Community Day School is to develop caring, confident and knowledgeable students, equipped with the skill and commitment to become lifelong learners, and capable of embracing and participating in the rich diversity of modern Jewish life. We prepare students to forge and sustain a meaningful Jewish identity while living as fully engaged, active members of American society.  In fulfilling this mission, we encourage our students' families to become actively involved in the life of the school, sharing in their children's enthusiasm and educational growth.

Vision Statement

Hannah Senesh Community Day School is a nationally recognized center of excellence in progressive Jewish education, serving a diverse community of children and their families from across the continuum of Jewish life. We provide all students with the opportunity to be full and equal participants in Jewish life and learning, while respecting the range of Jewish belief and practice.

Our outstanding, creative faculty, strong leadership team, dedicated parents, visionary board of trustees, and dynamic student body, come together to form an exceptional  community.  Our goal is to develop well-informed, joyful learners, independent and critical thinkers, and compassionate and responsible human beings who strive to reach their fullest potential, both inside and outside the classroom.  We embrace the diversity and inclusiveness of modern Jewish life, and we encourage our students to draw upon Judaism as a rich source of values, traditions, and spiritual practice to sustain them throughout their lives as fully integrated citizens of America and the world.  At the same time, we nurture a strong connection with and support for the State of Israel and its people.

Our coordinated secular and Judaic curriculum is built upon highly effective and innovative teaching methods. A trained and talented faculty, ideal student-teacher ratio, and multiple and varied learning experiences contribute to students' growth as learners, and provide tools for developing strong and positive self-identities. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively, in a constant dialogue that balances respect for tradition with intellectual openness.

From kindergarten on, our students are immersed in a multi-faceted program featuring literature, the arts, mathematics, history, science, Hebrew language, tefila (prayer), and Jewish texts, informed by derech eretz (ethical behavior) and respect.  Our educators conduct a careful, skilled assessment of each student's individual learning style and engage students as active participants in their own education.  We encourage on-going dialogue with our students' families, and invite them to become active participants in our community of learners.

In our new state of the art facility we have the physical space to grow in ways that were not previously possible.  Dedicated spaces for technology, science, art, music, physical activity, and prayer have made our already-strong programs even stronger. As our school continues to grow, we look forward to expanding our role in the greater community, as we develop our capacity to contribute to the educational, social, and cultural life of Brooklyn.