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Yom Kippur, Tashlich, Buddy Time

6th Grade Buddy Time

We had our first buddy time of the year with our sixth grade buddies! Our buddies brought us Rosh Hashannah cards, and together we worked on a project comparing things we have in common and things that are different between us, such as favorite foods, sports, and hobbies. It was great to recconect with our buddies and meet new budd


We read the book Tashlich at Turtle Rock in class about a family that completes a four part Tashlich ceremony. In class we created books with personal reflections emulating the family’s trip. We wrote and illustrated about something good from the past year, something we want to throw away, and something we promise to try in the next year. Ask your child what they wrote about.

Finally, we completed our own Tashlich ceremony with a walk to the Gowanus Canal where we shared our writing with each other and chose items from nature to throw in the water.

Special Visitors

We had special visitors from Israel- Aviv’s grandparents!

They visited our classroom to tell us about how people celebrate Yom Kippur in Israel. They told us about how cars do not drive on the streets, all stores are closed, and there are no radio or television broadcasts. The students had so many curious questions for the visitors, that some of them even stayed back to ask more questions.

Ask your child how Yom Kippur in Israel is different than here in New York.

Art with Iviva

We’ve been working on flags for our upcoming Simchat Torah school celebration, making drawings celebrating the Torah. When we finished those, Iviva showed us images of abstract, geometric paintings by Alma Thomas. We talked about what “abstract” means in art, describing the paintings’ shapes within shapes and bright colors. Then we used collage to make our own interpretations of small shapes inside bigger shapes. Below are some of our projects in progress.