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With a New York hospital at capacity, an ER vice-head shares how his team copes

by Cathryn J. Prince
Times of Israel

Senesh Parent Dr. Eitan Dickman says Maimonides Medical Center in densely-populated Borough Park has doubled its number of beds as medical staff deal with the emotional toll of COVID-19

NEW YORK — According to Dr. Eitan Dickman, the atmosphere inside the emergency room at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn amid the COVID-19 pandemic is one of heightened vigilance.

“The idea of working an entire shift in personal protective equipment, the idea of working with a large number of very sick patients, of consistently seeing patients who are struggling from a respiratory perspective, is something the staff is getting used to,” Dickman, vice chairman of the Maimonides emergency department, told The Times of Israel via Zoom. “They’re settling into a rhythm from that perspective.”

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