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Welcome to 7th Grade!

Welcome to 7th grade, Class of 2021!


My name is Allison Corvo, and I’m so excited to begin my third year at Hannah Senesh. I have loved being back in my classroom and getting it ready for new 7th graders! In advisory, students will receive accordion folders, pencils, and planners on the first day. I’m looking forward to discussing the summer reading book, The Outsiders, and seeing students’ reactions to the text. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at acorvo@hannahsenesh.org


Judaic Studies 

!ברוכים הבאים

Welcome! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with the 7th grade. We will be exploring ספר במדבר/the book of Numbers and thinking about what it takes to turn a group of whiny, dependent, immature slaves into a self-sufficient, courageous, and mature nation. Does our past determine our future? Can we choose to become more mature? How should a society balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the group? Students will also look at laws and ethical dilemmas in rabbinic texts, and will get a chance to develop and articulate their thinking through debate, art projects, technology, and reflective writing. I can’t wait!

Please be in touch with questions, concerns, and ideas at jlissy@hannahsenesh.org




Hello, I am Mike Noll an excited third year school teacher here at Hannah Senesh. I hope to continue contributing to the community as your Middle School science teacher. I have been involved with Middle School science for over a decade. I cannot wait to continue to demonstrate my passion for science with your child as we explore the subject through hands on projects and activities. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to a fabulous year of science learning. Throughout the year, if you have any questions concerning our class or your child, please do not hesitate to contact me at mnoll@hannahsenesh.org.



Hi everyone! My name is Shana Orlando, and I’m excited to be returning for my second year as the 7th and 8th grade math teacher at Hannah Senesh. I am extremely passionate about Mathematics and have spent the past ten years teaching and tutoring all levels of math from Kindergarten through college. My goal is to foster a creative, safe, and fun learning environment where students can experience the beauty of both the abstract and practical mathematical world. I am looking forward to getting to know the incoming 7th graders and having a productive and engaging school year! Please feel free to contact me at sorlando@hannahsenesh.org


Israel 7 with Phyllis Sussman (7X)  and Ilana Nowatzky-Bendet (7Y)

We are looking forward to delving into the history of modern Israel with this year’s 7th grade.  Our units will include a study of the building of the new state, research projects about the experience of Mizrachi Jews coming from Arab countries, a close look at the Six Day War and an introduction into the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict using the documentary “Promises.”  In the second half of the year we will also include an intensive Holocaust unit using a Facing History approach.  Our class will prioritize building and practicing the skills of respectful and objective dialogue.  From past experience we know this to be a group that LOVES history, and we are excited for the opportunity to study such complicated but rich material together.