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Third Grade 10/9

Break Time on 1st Place!

Third graders enjoyed break time on the newly closed first place! We enjoyed reading, snacking, looking at trees, taking up more space, and running and building obstacle courses outside. Ask your third grader what their favorite break activity is!

Celebrating Simchat Torah!

We celebrated Simchat Torah along with the rest of the school today. Eighth graders brought the torah around the school for students to see and music played from the speaker. Two of the third grade pods had outdoor time during the celebration and got to dance outside! In Yahadut class we took an up close look at the school’s Torah and figured out why it is so lopsided right now.We were also gifted individually wrapped torah cookies from the school! Chag Sameach!


Sukkot Greetings

We learned how to wish each other a happy Sukkot in Israeli sign Language. Practice greeting each other at home with this video.




Hebrew and Judaics: Chromebooks!

We joined the other classes in incorporating Chromebooks and Google Classroom into Judaics and Hebrew this week. We…..

  • Applied Hebrew stickers to our keyboards
  • Learned how to switch between languages
  • Practices typing our names and other words in a google doc
  • Added Hebrew and Judaics classes to our google classroom
  • Played this fun typing and vocabulary game!

Including link to typing game here. Feel free to let kids play at home at your discretion, but starting next week I will be assigning it for homework regularly.



Social Studies

As we have been looking and learning about maps, we have zoomed in to study a map of the Hudson River. We have discussed what we notice about it, and shared our many questions like: Why is it called the Hudson River? How did it form? Was it important? We learned about its source, and even watched people hike different parts of it. We have studied the upper, middle, and lower area and wrote on post its our observations. Each pod got to read other students observations and add to the map so that we can see what we each were noticing. We reviewed urban, suburban, and rural communities, and discussed what types of communities would settle along the Hudson River. We are excited to delve into our next unit and learn more about the people who first settled along the Hudson River, and later on learning how the Hudson River got its name.

At home, you can search online for videos of people who have hiked along the Hudson River, and watch their experiences in seeing the upper, middle, and lower parts!




Third Graders have been learning about how to hold and tune their ukulele. Normally, I wouldn’t teach tuning so early, but it’s very helpful to have that under our belts considering our current unpredictable situation. If students need to work from home, I want to make sure they know the basics to make their ukuleles sound good. And despite tuning being a challenging thing to learn, our Third Graders our doing great with it! Students have also learned the C chord, which means they can already play some simple songs, like Row Your Boat, London Bridge, etc. And they are to perform rhythmic counterpoint (individual students playing different body rhythms at the same time) with our Music Rules Rap.


In math third graders have been wrapping up their unit on place value including rounding and comparing numbers. The students especially enjoyed Reasoned Rounding,  a game where the participants roll two 10 sided dice, and round the numbers they roll to the nearest ten to score points. Ask your student if they would teach you the game! For an extra challenge, roll 3 dice and round to the nearest hundred. In the next unit, we will be focusing on addition including mental math strategies to help build our learners’ number sense.