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Third Grade 10/23


In math, we tied up our unit on mental addition and subtraction. This section was about discussing the strategies we use to do math in our heads. The most well-known strategy is the break apart method. In this strategy, you separate each place value and add them independently. For instance, if you are adding 724+275, you would break it apart by doing:

  • 700+200=900
  •   20+  70=  90
  •     4+    5=    9
  • 900+90+9=999

Or maybe you would rather add 300 and then subtract 25? A large part of our mental math studies have been focused on discussions on how to share our thinking. Students have been practicing doing this verbally, drawing number bonds, and by creating open number lines (see below). Our next unit focuses on understanding and mastering the traditional algorithms for addition and subtraction.

Open Number Line Addition - Math Coach's Corner

Social Studies

In social studies we have been learning all about the government. We have studied the three branches of government, and their role in keeping each other in check so that no one branch has too much power. We talked about how this model is seen in other places in our society like school, home, workplaces, etc. In addition, we talked about why it is important for there to be a system so that one person does not have too much power. We also studied our first timeline, looking at the history of voting rights. We wrote about what surprised us as we went through hundreds of years of events. Third graders shared that they were surprised that even when everyone had the right to vote, many regulations were put in place so that certain groups of people would not be able to exercise their right to vote. We asked questions like “Why do some people think they have rights but others shouldn’t?” and “Why did it take so many years for everyone to have their right to vote, even though it should have happened right away?” They were even more surprised to learn that these situations are still occurring in the United States. Students were exposed to new terms such as: constitution, amendment, suffrage, and systematic racism. We have been reading magazine articles from Scholastic describing timelines, the job of the President, and coming up the different political parties. We are having important and deep-thinking dialogue about our government and history, and look forward to continuing those in this unit!

Art with Iviva






Music with Heidi

Third Graders are busy learning to tune their ukuleles at home this week, with the assistance of videos on the Google Classroom for Third Grade Music. The goal is to spend at least five minutes a day practicing. In class, they have continued to refine their C chords and basic strumming on simple songs. More chords and strums coming soon! Please make sure they bring their ukulele back to school on Tuesday morning for Music Class.