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September 2: Welcome to 7th Grade!


I can’t wait to welcome all of you into 7th grade! This year, we will read a variety of literature ranging from the historical fiction novel, Chains, to The Diary of Anne Frank, analyzing characters, plot, and so much more. In Social Studies, we will focus most of our year on Early America and United States history. Prepare yourself for a variety of writing and projects in both English Language Arts and Social Studies. I’m excited to learn with all of you this year!



Welcome, 7th graders! This year, we will be using a new math curriculum called Eureka Math² where we will explore math in various ways such as class discussions, partner work, interactive activities, digital applets, and more. I am excited to delve into the content with you and guide you on your journey through the world of math. See you next week!



I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with the 7th grade. We will be exploring ספר במדבר/the book of Numbers and thinking about whether it’s possible to turn a group of whiny, dependent, immature slaves into a self-sufficient, courageous, and mature nation. Does our past determine our future? Can we choose to become more mature? How should a society balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the group? Students will also build their tefila/prayer skills; celebrate holidays; and study laws and ethical dilemmas in rabbinic texts. Your seventh graders will develop and articulate their thinking through debate, art, drama, projects, and reflective writing. I can’t wait!

Please be in touch with questions, concerns, and ideas at jlissy@hannahsenesh.org



ברוכים הבאים הורים יקרים,

אני כל כך מתרגשת לחזור וללמד השנה את הילדים שלכם. מקווה שהיה לכם קיץ מלא בחוויות טובות שהילדים חוזרים באנרגיות חיוביות. השנה כיתה ז’ תהיה משולבת עם תלמידי כיתה ח’, אנחנו נעסוק במגוון רחב של נושאים, נתעמק בסיפורים קצרים ונשיר שירים ישראלים, נעמיד לדיון כיתתי נושאי שעל סדר היום החברתי ונערוך פרויקטים מעניינים. 

מאחלת לכולנו התחלה מוצלחת של השנה.



Dear 7th grade parents, !!!ברוכים הבאים!!! My name is Tomer and I am very excited to be returning to Senesh to teach Hebrew. This is going to be an exciting year in Hebrew classes where students will learn about Israeli culture, including poets, musicians, authors and their work. It is important to connect the students to the authentic material so they feel connected and engaged in the studies of the Hebrew language.

The students will enhance their conversational skills through interactive activities, such as shopping in the farmer’s market, creating a radio show, all designed to utilize the Hebrew language in an active and productive way. I am looking forward to practicing and enjoying Hebrew with the class and seeing their growth.  שנה טובה ומוצלחת



Hello, I am Mike Noll, an excited sixth-year school teacher here at Hannah Senesh. I hope to continue contributing to the community as your Middle School science teacher. I have been involved with Middle School science for over two decades. I cannot wait to continue to demonstrate my passion for science with your child as we explore the subject through creative hands-on projects and activities. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to a fabulous year of science learning. Throughout the year, if you have any questions concerning our class or your child, please do not hesitate to contact me at mnoll@hannahsenesh.org.



Hello – my name is Dave Suskin and I am extremely excited to embark on my first year of teaching here at Senesh as the new Middle School PE teacher!