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September 17, 2021

It has been wonderful meeting the seventh graders during this truncated first week! In ELA, we’ve started discussing their summer reading, The Outsiders as well as their other chosen books and introduced some of the reading expectations for this school year–by Monday, everyone should be bringing a book to school every day!
On the social studies side, we are starting to develop historian’s skills by tackling questions like:
-What is truth?
-What is the difference between objective and subjective truth?
-How do we incorporate different types of evidence, including primary and secondary evidence, in order to develop informed opinions?
I’m looking forward to the year with this engaging group of 7th graders!
Dear parents,

Bruchim HaBaym Le Ivrit- Welcome to a year of Hebrew!

My name is Andreea Adereth and this is my 14th year teaching Hebrew in the Middle School at Hannah Senesh. Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language is my passion! I look forward to guiding the children on an exciting journey in which they will discover the beauty of speaking a second language and will be able to communicate with Israelis and with Hebrew speakers from the entire world. In addition to teaching Hebrew, I strive to instill in my students a lifelong love for learning and a real connection to Israel, to its people, language, and culture.

I can always be reached at aadereth@hannahsenesh.org and I cannot wait to meet everyone soon!


להורים שלום,
שמחתי מאד לפגוש את ילדיכם ולשמוע מהם חווית של חופשת הקיץ.
בשיעורים הראשונים עשינו תרגילי היכרות וחזרה, שוחחנו על פתיחת היחידה החדשה שלנו ״מעשים טובים״ המתקשרת לראש השנה וליום כיפור.
מאחלת לכם סוף שבוע נעים,


The 7th grade spent their first week in math reviewing concepts they learned last year. Over the summer, it’s natural to forget some of what they learned, so a refresher at the start of the year is a great way to get back into the swing of things. Next week, we will discuss some of those topics in depth before moving on to the first 7th grade math unit: Integers! They will learn all about the properties of integers and operations with integers.



Hello, I am Mike Noll, an excited fifth year school teacher here at Hannah Senesh. I hope to continue contributing to the community as your Middle School science teacher. I have been involved with Middle School science for over a decade. I cannot wait to continue to demonstrate my passion for science with your child as we explore the subject through creative hands-on projects and activities. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to a fabulous year of science learning. Throughout the year, if you have any questions concerning our class or your child, please do not hesitate to contact me at mnoll@hannahsenesh.org.