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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Feeling understood and cared for is a prerequisite for learning. Because students at Hannah Senesh feel safe and known, they are able to take intellectual and emotional risks and dedicate themselves to being members of our community of learners. The small class sizes at Hannah Senesh enable teachers to know each of their students intimately. It allows our teachers to understand what motivates their students, what they find challenging, where they shine, when they need to be pushed, and how to offer enrichment and support. Hannah Senesh teachers are inspired cheerleaders for the continued growth of their students.

Learning should be authentic and meaningful. We invite our students to think deeply about issues that matter to them and to connect study with action. We develop critical thinkers who are socially engaged and able to approach their learning and the world around them with a strong sense of self and a proud Jewish identity.

Teaching is as much about building character and interpersonal skills as it is about transmitting knowledge. Teachers at Hannah Senesh are deeply engaged in helping students grow as learners and people. Students learn how to manage their work independently, how to collaborate with a group, how to offer and respond to constructive criticism, and how to persevere through difficulty.

Learning should be joyous and engaging. When fifth graders perform a Bollywood dance as part of their India study, or first graders use Hebrew to buy and sell snacks in a classroom market/shuk, learning feels like play. A primary goal of our teachers is to help students see the fun in being challenged, and to unlock each child’s passion and potential through creative and active learning.