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Preparing for Publishing Party, Trip to Cobble Hill, and Two Holidays!

Publishing Party Info:

The second graders have been hard at work writing their opinion papers on the book award they would give a book they love. They are using pop out words, using quotes as evidence to support their opinion, and talking about what makes a book a good book. We can’t wait to see you at the second grade publishing event Thursday, December 5th, 9:00-9:45am in the gym to see more of their work in many subjects so far this year!


This week we have been learning about the history of Thanksgiving as well as reading some fun books on the topic. On RAZ Kids we had options of different stories having to do with Thanksgiving- some nonfiction books about turkeys and some books about how different cultures celebrate Thanksgiving. Then, we made apple cornbread as a treat before the holiday, and read the ingredients as well as learned about measurement, like a cup, teaspoon, etc. We talked about how baking as a community requires patience, taking turns, helping each other, and of course thoroughly washing our hands! We all enjoyed chopping, stirring, and pouring and loved having a tasty treat we all worked hard to make together.

These second graders are awesome chefs, over the break have them help out in the kitchen! 


Sigd Holiday

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday this week! We also learned about another holiday that falls this week, Sigd. Sigd is a national holiday in Israel that came there with immigrants from Ethiopia. We had the special opportunity to connect with an Ethiopian Israeli woman, named Tali, via video conference. Tali told students about life in Ethiopia, as well as her immigration story to Israel- walking for two and half months in the desert with her pregnant mother, sleeping outside, and flying on an airplane which she thought was a giant bird at first. She also told us about celebrating Sigd, and how she thinks it is an important Jewish holiday for everyone, not just Ethiopians. Finally, we ended our video chat by learning how to say happy holidays in Amharic, featured in videos below. Thank you so much to Isaiah’s mom for connecting us with such an interesting person!

More info on Sigd

Trip to Cobble Hill

We had our first Social Action trip to the Cobble Hill Health Center. Students performed three songs, and then interacted with residents in small groups supported by teachers or parent volunteers. We were so impressed by the students’ behavior. In reflecting on the trip, some students said that it was challenging for them to see people who were sick, or looked different, but they also said that it was nice to see people feeling happy from their visit. Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered to attend.