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Our Week in Fifth Grade: 3-6-20


Over the past several weeks, the fifth graders have been visiting the Brooklyn Autism Center and spending time with BAC students. Our visits concluded last week and we could not be more proud of the fifth graders’ work there. They were incredibly kind, accepting, and thoughtful to their BAC buddies. You could see how excited the BAC students were each week to spend time with our students. The BAC staff was nothing but complimentary to the way that our students interacted with their students and made them feel like genuine friends. Kol Hakavod to all of the fifth graders for displaying what wonderful humans they are!



ELA: This past week we finished reading A Long Walk to Water. The students seemed to genuinely enjoy the book and find a lot of meaning in learning about a part of the world that was previous unknown to many of them. As a follow-up to reading about Salva’s journey as a refugee of South Sudan, the students are going to be learning about refugees from around the world and create a refugee profile to highlight the challenging situations many people in our world face.

In addition, the students finished their persuasive letters detailing their beliefs on whether or not zoos should exist. Using the persuasive and opinion writing skills they learned in this letter, they will next write a TedTalk about a subject which they feel passionately.

Social Studies: This week was all about mummies! We learned about the materials used to create a mummy, why the Egyptians preserved their dead, and about the Egyptian afterlife. Each student was assigned a god, goddess, or mythical creature that was a part of the journey to the afterlife. We made masks to represent the character and then wrote entries into the Book of the Dead based on the role that each character played in the afterlife.


This week we were so excited to welcome our student teacher Tova to class! Though this week she was mainly observing, she was so helpful giving the students more one on one help throughout the class. We finished  perek 41 in Bereshit with a lot of anticipation for the coming big moment where Joseph’s brothers need to come to him for help during the famine. Students have been working very hard on identifying verbs as well as shoreshim in their translations.

They discovered many similarities between Joseph’s story in the Chumash and Ester’s story in the Megillah! They were shocked how many themes repeated and even more excited to see that word for word phrases repeated! We learned about about each story by comparing and contrasting these moments of connection. Each student received their own school megillah

Hebrew Heritage

,להורים שלום
השבוע סיימנו לקרוא את הסיפור “הפרה על שם ורגיניה”, התלמידים עבדו על זה בעזרת דפי עבודה בהם נדרש מהם לתרגל כתיבת תשובות מלאות, כמו כן הבנת הנקרא. תרגול זה במהלך השבועות האחרונים סייע בידם להתכונן למבחן שנערך ביום רביעי. במהלך הזמן שנותר חזרנו לעבוד על הפרויקט שהתחלנו לפני החופשה “אנשים עם מוגבלויות”, כל תלמיד ערך מחקר אודות הארגון שבחר וכתב עליו 3 פסקאות.
,סוף שבוע טוב
This week the 5th grade has been working on area of rectangles, triangles, and composite figures! Next week, we will start our Chapter project. The students will create a floor plan of their dream home. They will choose different shapes of different sizes and then find the total area of their home. It’s going to be a blast! 

We started to learn the third part of biographies, and it is about famous Jewish artists. The student studied about Rachel (a famous Israeli writer) and discussed her life and kibbutz Dgania where she lived. Moreover, students read the story “Rachel and Akivah.” While working on the story they showed how they can use their knowledge for understanding new texts. 

In addition, students shared in class their impressions from February break. They wrote stories and part of them prepared presentation and performed it in class. 

We are continuing to practice the past tense and working on expanding our vocabulary.