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October 31

General Studies with Dawn

We’ve covered a lot in our first full week in a while.

In writing students continue to work on their Realistic Fiction Stories which we look forward to sharing with you at our Publishing Party on Thursday, November 21.  We have been focusing on the concept of Showing Not Telling, and many students are beginning to use descriptive dialogue and action in their stories. We have also talked about the difference between telling a story and writing a summary, which is more of a list of events.

In math we continue to work with factors, including prime numbers and composite numbers. We have talked about strategies for figuring out he factors of a number including knowing that all even numbers have 2 as a factor, all numbers that end in 5 have 5 as a factor, and all numbers that end in 0 have 2, 5, and 10 as a factor. We continue to work on fluency of multiplication facts, as a solid grasp of multiplication facts will help a lot in the upcoming work.

In social studies we continue to learn about explorers, this week learning about Juan Ponce de Leon who landed in Florida and claimed if for Spain (while searching for gold and the Fountain of Youth).Next up: Vasco Nunez de Balboa and Jacques Cartier.

This week we also spent some time preparing for the Hannah Senesh Tekes.  In pairs, students read about an important year in her life, wrote a summary of the event, and created an illustration.  This will all be put together as a timeline of her life to be shared at the Tekes.

And lastly, we visited the third grade to listen to and compliment their small moment stories. Students seemed to enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Looking forward to meeting with you at the upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences.

Judaic Studies with Ariana
We have been learning a lot about Hannah Senesh life.
We created a time line of the main events in her life and explored excerpts of her diary.
We thought of different adjectives that describe this powerful heroic individual.
We look forward to sharing with the rest of the school community the readings and all that we learned about this inspiring woman.
Feel free to ask your child to share with you what inspired them about Hannah Senesh.
Looking forward to seeing you all in parent teacher conferences!

Hebrew with Rimma and Tomer

We discussed a broad spectrum of friends, who come from different backgrounds and have different looks and different ideas. We read the poem “כל אחד צריך לפחות חבר אחד

“Everybody needs at least one friend “and wrote short stories about our friends.

In addition, the Fourth grade started to work on their Hebrew play. They are very excited to get to know the songs. Script and to learn about Israeli culture through the play.

Here are some of the links to the songs that we will sing:



אני אוהב שוקולד


Art with Iviva:

After having art in our classroom for a few weeks to accommodate missing our regular art class during the holidays, we are back in the art room, continuing to explore drawing with thread through weaving, inspired by historic and contemporary Native American weaving. We are also delving into drawing and painting, using oil pastels to make abstract compositions using color, shape and line. We enjoy using our fingers to smudge or blend colors, changing the shape of lines we draw (making the outlines fuzzy), and layering colors to create new shades. This week, we used a new tool, which influenced how we paint with watercolor. Iviva showed us how to use brushes that have water in the handle, and how to blot our brushes gently on a towel in between colors to clean the brush. We practiced using this new tool while making watercolor self portraits.