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November 12- Starting November off Strong!

Judaics with Shira

Last week we studied about the holiday of Sigd which stems from Ethiopia and feel last Thursday. We capped off our studies with a Sigd Kabbalat Shabbat in the classroom, courtesy of Bechol Lashon.

This week we began a new unit on Hannah Senesh, the namesake of our school. We focused on understanding important events in Hannah’s life through the format of a timeline. We asked questions such as

  • How much time passed from one event to the next?
  • How did this event make Hannah feel?
  • How did this event lead to other events in Hannah’s life?
  • How did events going on in the world affect what was going on in Hannah’s life?

Students practiced the skill of recording years and creating their own timelines, before collaborating to make a class timeline.
































Hebrew with Rimma:

Dear Families, 

We are very thrilled to prepare our Hebrew play for Chanukkah that will be broadcast on Dec. 3rd on Zoom. 

We also started a new exciting unit about friends. We are covering the most common vocabulary for describing people, how they look, what they wear with common adjectives and grammatically correct use of nouns and adjectives. Two of the main differences when compared to English is that in Hebrew adjectives will be placed after the noun and it has a gender agreement with a noun. We are in the process of writing a short essay about our real or imaginary friend, teacher, sport player etc.

Shabbat shalom !

Hebrew Heritage with Tomer:

The 4th grade Heritage group is working together with the rest of the 4th grade on the upcoming Hanukkah play.


Humanities with Hilary

Dear Families,

It was so wonderful meeting many of you yesterday at conferences, getting to boast about all of the hard work your students have done this fall.

We got the chance to read with our buddies this week. It was wonderful seeing the 4th graders take on that leadership role! When they read to younger kids, they [unknowingly] work on their reading fluency. The kindergarteners also taught the 4th graders a song with hand motions. Here is the link to our google photo album — INCLUDING A RECORDING OF THE SONG! So cute! (you can also find the link here, just in case: https://photos.app.goo.gl/uNdjqU887SsDcQMS8)

Shabbat Shalom!