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November 12, 2021

On Wednesday, the students conducted mock trials in which they either defended or prosecuted British soldiers who were involved in the events of March 5, 1770, known to history as the Boston Massacre. The trials culminated weeks of research, collaborative work, and writing, all while weaving the events of 1770 Boston into the larger picture of Colonial America. Ask your children what they thought of their performances; odds are they are harder on themselves than the jury!
We are almost done reading the historical fiction novel, Chains, which is narrated by an enslaved black girl during the American Revolution. We have been focusing on the theme of freedom throughout the novel, while developing the students’ note-taking skills. Once we finish reading, the students will work on a literary analysis essay in response to the book.

Dear parents,

Finally, we are having whole weeks of school!
Since our last blog, students have been busy discussing what is and what is not in our cities. The students practiced researching their favorite city and putting together an oral presentation for the class. The students also practiced discussing their favorite activities in the cities.
I wish everyone a relaxed weekend,


להורים שלום,
השבוע עבדנו על יחידה חדשה בשם ״מדריך למטייל בישראל״, ביחידה זו נסקור מקומות בישראל שהתלמידים ביקרו או שהיו מעוניינים לבקר, נלך בשבילי הארץ ונלמד על הגיאוגרפיה של המקום, צמחייה, מאכלים מיוחדים ועוד. השבוע התחלנו לעסוק בים המלח, מדוע הוא נחשב למקום הכי נמוך בעולם? יחודו וכמו כן ומלבד יופיו העוצר נשימה נלמד אלו בעיות ניצבות בפניו וכיצד ניתן לפתור אותם.
מאחלת לכולכם סוף שבוע נעים,


The 7th grade has mastered the multiplication and division properties of rational numbers; they’re now reviewing what they learned about percents last year. They have been practicing how to convert between percents, fractions, and decimals and have extended their knowledge to real-world problems. They’ve been working on how to find a percent of a quantity and how to use a given percent of a quantity to calculate an original value; they’ve calculated sales tax, markups, discounts, and more! Ask them about how to find simple interest on a loan or an investment!



We started science this last month with excitement and enjoyment under the new course theme. Within an environmental science theme, we will be focusing on the engineering process in order to create inventions to solve environmental problems. We started science by exploring simple machines and applying that knowledge in using levers and pulleys. Students needed to use a ruler and balance different amounts of pennies. Then students need to create 4 different pulley systems and discover how the system reduced the amount of effort to lift a large weight. The energy level, focus, determination, and enjoyment within this first month have been amazing. We cannot wait to continue with the introduction to engineering as we prepare for our coming STEAM project.