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May 8th: Blog from Hannah W. and Gideon

Wednesday’s bloggers are Hannah W. and Gideon:


This morning we woke up in our new hotel in Shefayim and went down for a special Yom HaZikaron tefila, where we learned the stories of a few fallen soldiers and victims of terror. After that we had breakfast and drove to a school on the kibbutz where we are staying. There we split up into groups and met with Israeli eighth graders to compare and contrast our lives, and Memorial Day in our respective communities. We then had a powerful tekes where we learned the stories of 10 fallen soldiers from that school, listened to songs sung by the students, and heard poetry. The tekes was incredibly moving and brought some of us to tears, giving us a new meaning to this previously distant day. At 11:00 we heard the siren and remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their home and their people.

After our visit to the school, we went to Shuk HaCarmel. There, we ate a delicious lunch, bought souvenirs, and did a scavenger hunt! We enjoyed picking out souvenirs for ourselves, and, of course, for you! After that, we went to the Tel Aviv Innovation Center and learned all about Israeli inventions and learned about how Israel got its name as a start-up nation. It was so cool to see that so many apps and products we use were actually created in Israel! We are looking forward to Yom HaAtzmaut celebrations tonight in Tel Aviv and look forward to sharing all about it in tomorrow’s blog since we will be going right to sleep after the fun night out!

Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AeTZ7pJT8AqqxadE8