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May 10, 2019

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Facing History with Phyllis and Ilana NB

In anticipation of the seventh grade trip to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC, the students met with Phyllis, Allison, Ilana NB and Julie Arner on the Monday before the trip to prepare for the difficult experience.  Students were given the opportunity to talk about how they were feeling about seeing the disturbing images from the Holocaust and in particular the concentration camps.  We stressed the idea that everyone processes these kinds of experiences differently, and while it is important to be respectful in a museum, there is no right way to respond.  This Monday, after the trip, the students reflected on their experiences with Phyllis and Ilana NB.  For many of them, this was the first time they learned about atrocities such as gas chambers and as a group they were very affected by this experience.  While it was helpful for them to be able to talk as a group, it is also important for them to be talking about what they are thinking and feeling with all of you.  The visit was even more difficult in the face of rising anti-semitism in America, and while many students spoke out about feeling proud and special to be Jewish, others admitted to feeling nervous and scared about the recent shootings in Pittsburg and San Diego.  We completed our Facing History unit by looking at the full picture of Nazi rule through placing the stories of victims and summaries of anti-Jewish laws/actions on a timeline and reflecting upon the big picture and next week students will have more time to reflect in their end of unit essays.
Hebrew J 

We learned about cell phones and kids taking selfies and their thoughts on it. We had a discussion “for” and “against” uploading these pictures on the internet. Everyone shared their opinions. We continue to have discussions in Hebrew.

Hebrew K 
We discussed what they think about learning other languages. In addition, we continued learning future tense. We also continued having discussions in Hebrew, specifically about what they did over the weekend.
Hebrew Heritage 
להורים יקרים,
לאחר חזרות ממושכות ועבודה מושקעת שנערכו בשבועות האחרונים, התלמידים השתתפו בטקס יום הזכרון בבית כנסת בברוקלין לחללי מערכות ישראל ולנפגעי טרור ולמחרת שרו בטקס שהתנהל בבית ספר לחטיבה.
אני ממש גאה בכל אחד מהתלמידים על העבודה והרצינות –  כל הכבוד.
סוף שבוע נעים,
Judaic Studies
The 7th graders have begun studying the very first mishna of the Mishna, which deals with the question of from when in the evening we should recite Shema. Why begin with such an oddly specific issue? One that assumes a great deal of background knowledge? Why begin with a question? We will both be translating and analyzing the mishna itself, and thinking about in on a meta level as well — what is this mishna trying to teach us about The Mishna?
We also enjoyed looking at photos of the 8th grade Israel trip — and started to get excited about next year! If you haven’t had a chance, it’s definitely worth it to look at the photo streams to get a preview of the amazing experience that your child will be having a year from now!
Part One: the north
Part Three: Jerusalem
Shabbat shalom!
Students had a wonderful two weeks. We bonded as a class in DC, and we returned this week to start our research for the Renaissance Research Paper. I’m so excited about all the different topics my thoughtful and creative students chose. Students had time to work on their final Independent Book Project. As a class, we utilized our presentation and collaboration skills to bring a literacy lesson to the 1st-3rd graders of Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School. I’m proud of my students, and I’m excited to see their progress continue over the culminating weeks of school.
The ERBs are less than two weeks away and the 7th grade has been busy learning everything they need to in order to be prepared. All upcoming classes will focus on reviewing everything they learned and sharpening their math and test taking skills. Good luck, 7th grade!