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Learning About Thanksgiving

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We had another wonderful week in Kindergarten!

In Math, we practiced counting and adding small numbers. We used our fingers to count numbers up to 10. We also practiced counting using leaves and our new “Math Machine!”. Additionally, we are practicing writing our numbers with the correct orientation, accuracy and control.

In English Language Arts, we learned the letter Ii and the sound /i/ it makes (as in ‘igloo’). We practiced forming upper and lowercase letters Ii using our Handwriting Without Tears books, wooden planks, and finding words that start with I and drawing pictures of them. For letter I, we conducted science experiments with ice. We tried to predict and observe what melts ice the fastest: hot water, cold water, no water or salt. Ask your child about our results!

In Writing, we are working on writing our “How To…” Books. The children have been practicing writing strategies, such as putting spaces between words and adding details to their drawings. We will be working on these books for a couple of weeks and will present them to all the parents at our Kindergarten Publishing Party on Friday, December 8th!

In Science, we began our unit on forces of motion. We played games to learn about position words: behind, next to, beside, above, on top of, and under. We also went outside and talked about how things we see are moving.

In Social Studies, we learned about Thanksgiving. We read the book “The First Thanksgiving” by Garnet Jackson. We cut out and colored teepees to begin creating our Native American village.

In Hebrew this week we practiced and reviewed topics we have learned so far, such as colors, weather, fruit, other food, and words related to nature and outdoors. We reviewed playing games such as Bingo and matching games. In addition, we played word games, like Hangman. The children used the phrase ״I have ״- yesh li and ״there is ״- yesh. The children practiced the verbs “eat” (ochel, ochelet) by describing what they eat for breakfast, lunch or snack time: Ani ochel tapuach – I eat an apple,  Ani ochel pasta – I eat pasta, Ani ochelet oogiya -I eat a cookie, were some of the sentences. We also discussed words that start with the letter Alef such as Agas- pear, Aryeh- lion and Arnav- rabbit.  We sang the song ”Alef Bet“ and “Haaf Hu Chashuv”, we read the book “Hapil Sheratza lihiyot Hachi” by Paul Kor.  

In Judaics, we continued learning about the third day of creation on which G-d created the grass, trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The children created beautiful trees from colorful tissue paper.

Related vocabulary (new and old):

Aryeh- lion, Adama- earth, deshe- grass, esev- grass, etzim-trees, prachim- flowers, perot- fruits, yerakot-vegetables, Tapuz- orange, oogah- cake, banana- banana, agas- pear, anavim- grapes,broccoli- broccoli, avocado- avocado, lemon- limon, gezer- carrot, toot- strawberry.

Colors: Adom- red, kachol – blue, yarok-green, Katom- orange, Tzahov-yellow, sagol -purple, lavan- white, chum- brown, Shachor- black, varod- pink

Weather: geshem- rain, shemesh- sun, ananim- clouds, ruach- wind, ohr- light, choshech-darkness, sameach-happy, atzuv -sad, koes- mad, ayef – tired, Ani poh- I am here, Yeled -boy, Yalda-Girl, tapuach-apple, rimon-pomegranate, challa , glidah- ice cream, dvash-honey,, as well as abba – father, Ima- mother, saba- grandpa, savta- grandma.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rachel, Regina, Irit, and Ilana


Getting ready for our science experiments with ICE for letter i

IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4146 IMG_4147

Learning about Fall/Autumn and using fall leaves for math and counting

IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4152

Building our Native-American village

IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4156 IMG_4158 IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4163

STEAM Education: building a magnetic marble run!


Our new Math Machine is so much fun!

IMG_4167 IMG_4168

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!!!

IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4176