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Learning about Hannah Senesh and Starting Chumash

Tekes Hannah Senesh

Second graders gathered for the school wide tekes (assembly) celebrating Hannah Senesh, our school’s name sake, along with the whole school. We learned about Hannah in both the Hebrew and General Studies classrooms. We were so proud of the second graders who participated in the tekes and read lines aloud in front of the whole school.

Hannah Senesh Learning in General Studies

This week we studied the poem “Eli Eli” written by Hannah Senesh. We studied each line, wondering what Hannah was thinking when she wrote this poem. Students shared that she might have been thinking about all the things she loves in nature, and how she wants them to continue. Other second graders shared that she might have been thinking about things that make her feel calm and safe. Together as a class we each came up with a line in the same format as the poem about things we hope never end. When looking at the whole poem displayed on the bulletin board, we noticed how some of the things we wrote about were similar and some were different, and that all the things written are important because it gives each of us a special feeling.

Come check out the bulletin board- try to read all the lines to read the full class poem!


We began our study of Chumash with the first two verses of the Torah. Second graders can read the verses together, identify and comprehend key words, and use corresponding hand motions to demonstrate their learning.


Tohu Va’vohu Collaging

We created collages to illustrate the transition from Tohu Va’vohu to order that we will learn about in Chumash during the creation story.