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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,

We have had a busy week of celebrating everyone’s names!  Kids are now experts on their own beginning letter and helping their friends during writing workshop if they need to write it or know the sound.  Kids are also acting as a teacher and showing the class the writing pathway of their letter using the handwriting without tears ABC shapes. They love this!

Kindergarten has been working on their collaboration skills recently  as they now have a writing and phonics partner they work with daily.  They work together on rug activities, sharing stories, checking in for directions, and much more.  They have really been taking care of each other academically and as friends.  Similarly, everyone learned what friends are in their guided reading group and had to come up with an animal name for their group.  This took many conversations, convincing, and compromise to come to a decision!

Kindergarten is very proud of learning their snap words and being able to read this conversational poem from the book “Ill read to you, you read to me” (by themselves!).  Below is a video of the grade reading the beginning of the poem.  The blue group reading the blue side and the yellow group reading the red side:

I like poem

We look forward to speaking with you at conferences,

Liz and Talia


Dear kindergarten parents הוריםיקרים,

In Hebrew this week, the students learned about different body parts such as the face פנים, eyes עיניים, nose אף, ears אוזניים, mouth פה, hands ידיים, and legs רגליים

In addition, the students learned the phrase אניאוהבלאכול (I like to eat) and chose their favorite foods. One student chose that he loves to eat ice cream, while another student said she loves eating sushi! 

In Judaic studies, we continue to learn about the creation of the world, we are now learning about the creation of the second day. They learned the words: sky שמים, and water מים

Shabbat Shalom,

Anat & Tal