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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,

We have turned our classroom into a book factory!  Kids are writing more and more pattern show and tell books about things that are important to them such as babies, dragons, vacations, family, P.E etc.  We are practicing coming up with a topic, 3 parts about the topic, and then a pattern for our book quickly.  In a couple weeks we will celebrate the end of our unit by turning our class into a book store and invite our 4th grade buddies to visit!

Our reading super heroes have showed us their superpowers and earned their masks and capes!  This week we worked further on our picture power.   When we first pick up a book, we look at the picture on the cover and ask “what do you think this book is about“?  We then do a picture walk to see what is happening on each page. Then as we start to read, we look at the picture first and say what is happening in the picture to see and hear what words we should be ready to read.  The more we look at pictures before we look at the words, the better prepared we for unfamiliar words and the plot.  As books get more complex, students often forget their picture power and go right to their sound power!

We are celebrating the 100th day of school on Wednesday the 26th (technically the 102nd day), the same day as pajama day.  The 1st and 2nd grade are celebrating the 100th day on Monday. Keep a look out for an email about the 100th day with further instructions!

Shabbat Shalom,

The K Team