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Kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים,

We are so excited to welcome our students back to school for their first full week of 2020! We spent a long time talking about what we did and where we went. We asked questions about the places we visited.
The students continued to learn about the different body parts. This week we added the words לחיים (cheeks) and כתפיים (shoulders). We used visual cards so that the students were able to recognize the body parts. In addition, the students started to learn about the season winter חורף. They are now able to use the phrase: אני לובש (I wear…).
In Judaic studies, the students are continuing to learn the story of the creation of the world and have made it to the fourth day. This week they learned what God created on the fourth day: sun שמש, moon ירח, and stars כוכבים.
The Shinshinim came to the classroom and they very much enjoyed the activities together! The Shinshinim talked about the safari in Tel Aviv, and the students cut out shapes of animals such as monkeys and turtles.
Rain גשם
Snow שלג
Wind רוח
Umbrella מטריה
Wears לובש/לובשת
Shabbat Shalom,
Anat + Tal