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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,

We really enjoyed spending time with you at our Hanukkah celebration!

This past week, we culminated our 5 senses unit with an exploration of fruit!  In past lessons, we identified the 5 senses and body parts used to discover different senses. Then we came up with adjectives for each sense.  This week, we wrote and drew our observations of 5 different types of fruit.  Then we tasted many types of fruit together and recorded describing words of how they tasted.  After tasting, we figured out what our favorite fruit was and graphed the results. Pineapple won! We also had many brave kindergarteners try foods they never tried before or thought they didn’t like!

We have continued to look closely at objects and write as much as we can.  Being brave spellers, kids sound out slowly, clap out syllables, say it again and again, and use tools like our ABC chart and snap words.  Kindergarteners are hearing more and more sounds as they write. Compliment your brave speller at home!

Happy Hanukkah,

Liz and Talia


Dear kindergarten parents הורים יקרים,

This week in Hebrew and Judaic studies, we emphasized the celebration of Hanukkah. We read the story איזה נר מתאים? (Which candle matches), where the students learned that there are different types of candles that you use during Hanukkah. The students learned that these are the different types of candles that we have: Shabbat, birthdays, Havdala, and Hanukkah. We also sang songs for Hanukkah such as Bano Choshech Legaresh and Chanukiah Li Yesh. They also learned the three blessings for Hanukkah. In addition, the students made apple sauce with Phyllis, which they really enjoyed and had a great time!

The students learned the following words:

חנוכיה menorah

לביבה/לביבות potato latke

סופגניה/סופגניות jelly donut

כד pitcher

שמן זית olive oil

נר/נרות candle


Shabbat Shalom,

Anat + Tal