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kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Families,

This week has been a flurry of activity as we prepare for our very first publishing party!  We learned that when we publish a book, we are deciding to share our story with the world and we need to “fancy up” our books! So we colored and created a cover, title, and all about the author page.  We also have gone back to our books to make sure that they have details, settings, labels and have a beginning middle and end.  Lastly, we practiced reading our stories with gusto.  We even got to read them to our first grade neighbors!

However, we were not too busy to discover that we are now word scientists! Mabel changed into her lab coat and we started exploring ABC charts.  One day we came into school and realized Mabel had tried to make an ABC pocket chart by herself and was tangled in letters.  We showed her how to say the letter, picture and sound of each card and put them in order for her!

Next week, we will start our show and tell unit where we create pattern books.

Love Liz and Talia

Video – Mabelmess


Mabel studying her ABC chart

Making cards for Daniel’s family and the baby!

Reading our books to 1st grade!

Making a super long chain with friends!

Making flags on Kesher day

Creating an “All about” page