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Kindergarten General Studies

Dear Families,
Our late spring days have been filled to the brim with learning new things in between our special events!
In math, we have been strengthening our addition and counting-on skills by playing partner games such as “boxes” with dice and “double compare” with cards. We used 5 frames and 10 frames to add and practice counting-on as well.  Without counting, we are starting to recognize 5 and 10 groupings right away. We have enjoyed telling each other subtraction stories with and without our bead bracelets!
In writing, we have been working on making our stories longer and stronger (extending) by adding more sentences to a page. We ask ourselves the who, what, and where and then add details to our pictures and words. We have also used a new checklist to help edit our own work!
In reading, we have been adding more challenging books to our book baggies.  We are working on combining all of our reading powers so we can independently dig in to harder books!
The Brooklyn children’s museum was great fun as we explored the different exhibits and then got to create our city block.  Using recycled materials, the kids learned the process of discussing, planning, and building a model of their ideal city block.
We lucked out with beautiful weather as we visited the prospect park zoo this past Monday. I learned so many animal facts from kindergartners as they explored and sketched!
Thanks to all our chaperones!
Thanks so much for all of your support this year!
Enjoy your summer,
The K Team