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Kindergarten Blog 9/16

Dear Kindergarten Families,


It has been such a wonderful first two weeks of Kindergarten! The K team has really enjoyed getting to know your children. We are working on getting to know each other and the many different routines of school.


We began Writer’s Workshop by talking about two different types of books, story books and information books.  Children have begun writing their own information books on a variety of topics including swimming, cats, dogs, and fish!  Children start with a drawing and then add labels such as an F for fish and an S for swimming. We are also looking at information books during reading time.


In Phonics and Handwriting we have studied the letters F, M, and N.  We learned how to spell the class names Matthew, Michael, Nevho, and Neri and generated lists of words that start with F, M, and N.


In Social Studies we read the book The Colors of Us about all the different shades of brown that skin can be. Children then found the shade of brown that matched their skin color and colored in their own hands which had been traced and cut out.  


In Math we played a game called Find it, matching the dots on a die with the number that represents that quantity.  We also practiced writing the numbers 1-4, some of which are pretty tricky. 


This week we had our very first Science class! This week, we made our very own school-made bubble solution. We started by having a discussion about bubbles and how to tell whether a bubble solution is effective. We wondered about whether our school-made bubble solution or store-bought would be better, and then tested out both. We came back to discussion and talked about our findings, like true scientists!


Hebrew עברית

In Hebrew, we started learning the names of colors: ירוק yarok (green), כחול kachol (blue), אדום adom (red), כתום katom (orange), צהוב tzahov (yellow), סגול sagol (purple). We also learned how to introduce ourselves, and to greet one another in the morning, and in the afternoon. 


Judaic Studies יהדות 

We learned about Rosh Ha Shana, talking about the traditional foods families eat, and their symbolism. For example, we eat apples dipped in honey, because we are hoping for everyone to have a sweet new year. We started learning the prayer מודה אני Modeh Ani, and talked about gratitude. This prayer is all about being grateful, and the Kindergartners thought about what they are grateful for in their lives. 


We concluded our week this Friday with singing some of our favorite songs with the first graders at our Morning Meeting, and had Kabbalat Shabbat with both K groups together in the afternoon.


We look forward to seeing many of you at Back to School night in the classrooms at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 19th when we will talk about our plans for the year.


Shabbat Shalom,


The K Team