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Kindergarten Blog 6/15

Dear Kindergarten Families,


What a year it’s been! We can hardly believe this year has already come to an end. We remember the beginning of the year, when at 11:00, children would wonder if it was time to go home! Their stamina and endurance have both increased significantly and they have lasting energy throughout the day. We have watched them develop new friendships, develop their problem solving skills, and navigate the ups and downs in the world of kindergarten.


In gathering their materials from the beginning of the year, we saw enormous academic growth in all areas.


We will miss all the sweet and hilarious interactions we have with them on a daily basis. We will miss hearing them act out life at school and in families in dramatic play. One of our favorite Choice Time activities to witness was a game called “Doctor’s Waiting Room”, in which they all organized their chairs into a single file line, with babies in their laps, and complained on cell phones to each other about how long the wait was to see the doctor! One child even said that the father was going to FaceTime into the appointment!


One of the highlights throughout the entire year was starting each morning singing songs together. We learned so many, we had to keep a two-page list to refer to! Here are the links to some of the many songs we sang:


This Pretty Planet


We wish you all a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing all the new first graders in our shared hallway in the fall.


Enjoy the attached pictures from the last few weeks of Kindergarten!


Happy Summer,


Atalya, Dawn, and Anat