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Kindergarten Blog 10/9/20

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week, kindergarteners became botanists! We are beginning our study of the plant life cycle. Students examined a red bell pepper, studied the seeds with magnifying glasses, and shared what they noticed with their classmates. Students also explored our math workbooks, and practiced writing numbers “the kindergarten way.”

Each Pod has also created rules for their community! Students discussed what rules they thought a classroom should have, and worked together to decide on wording, and what ideas were most important.

Kindergartners continued doing a shared reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy and brought home their own copies to share with their families.  We continue to work on adding details to our books in Writer’s Workshop and labeling our pictures with first and sometimes ending sounds.  In Social Studies we finished our self portraits (Check them out below!). A very exciting moment this week was receiving cards from our fourth grade buddies, and we are in the process of making cards to send back to them. 

This week we continued our Sukkot study, and learned about Simchat Torah. In Hebrew, we are learning how to talk about families. Check out our vocabulary list from this week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Talia, Dawn, Anat, and Atalya 

Hebrew vocabulary to practice at home:

  • Happiness– Simcha ‏שמחה
  • Torah תורה
  • Family–Mishpacha משפחה 
  • Mom–Ima אמא
  • Dad– Abba אבא
  • Grandpa–Saba סבא
  • Grandma–Savta סבתא
  • Boy–Yeled ילד
  • Girl–Yaldah ילדה
  • I am a boy–Ani yeled אני ילד
  • I am a girl–Ani yaldah – אני ילדה

Questions to ask at home:

  • Why are we happy on Simchat Torah?
  • Why do we finish (and start!) on Simchat Torah?
  • What are some things a plant needs to grow?
  • How do you write 3 the Kindergarten Way?
  • What are you writing about in Writer’s Workshop?
  • Can you remember a label that you added to your picture?
  • Complete this sentence:  When you are done……

Music with Heidi

Our Kindergarten musicians have been learning the difference between beat and rhythm through games that allow them to feel it viscerally in their bodies. They use their shaker eggs to play along to songs, and they create original body rhythms. This week, Kindergarteners were introduced to their rhythm sticks! We also had a shaker egg celebration of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Check out our Kindergarteners in action below!