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Kesher Day and Preparing for Cobble Hill Trip

Kesher Day General Studies Activity

For Kesher Day this year we began by talking about what things make our families special. Second graders and the teachers shared so many ways in which they feel like their family is unique and special. We shared where we were born, what we to do, to the different languages we speak. We learned that our classroom community has a lot of things that are similar but also so many things that are different, and it makes up the diverse community we have full of friendship and love. For the activity, the second graders along with their special guests drew symbols on paper of the different ways their family is unique. Some families drew different flags represented where they and their ancestors are from, some families drew pets and hobbies they do together. After this, the papers were put in page protectors and we had to trace our symbols in Sharpies. When finished, we removed the white paper from the page protector and put these up on our class windows. We love seeing the light shine through our window displays and to learn more about each others’ families.

Come check out our classroom windows to see some of the window displays!

Preparing for Cobble Hill Trip

We continued to prepare for our first Social Action trip which is next Tuesday, the 26th. We read a book called “Lazar the Good Deed Dog” about a therapy dog that lives in a nursing home, and then we also got some advice from the experts- the third graders! Several third graders visited our classroom to tell us about their experience visiting the Cobble Hill Health Center¬† last year. They told us what the space looks like, more about what we wold be doing there, and gave us some tips for interacting with the residents. Finally, they stayed to help us brainstorm questions we could ask the residents, as well as information about ourselves that would be appropriate to share. Help your child feel prepared for the trip by asking them what they can ask the residents on our visit.¬†