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June 15, 2022

What a year we’ve had in 7th grade Humanities! The 7th graders closed out the year with their showcase “Tales of the American West,” through which they analyzed and shared different perspectives on life from the American Southwest in the 19th century.
It has been such a joy getting to know and teach all of the 7th graders this year. I hope everyone has a fantastic summer; I’ll see you across the hall when you are all in 8th grade!

Dear parents,

I cannot believe this is the last blog I’m writing this year! Your children have come such a long way. Starting the year nervous about learning Hebrew with a new teacher, they learned that they are able to write and act out skits in Hebrew, lead daily conversations on a variety of topics, learn songs in Hebrew and even write their own songs.

I am proud of them for embarking on this learning journey this year, and coming out on the other side stronger in their confidence and knowledge.

The last two years have been challenging for all of us. As a result of the pandemic, my family has had to relocate unexpectedly. If saying good bye to a work place that one loves can be difficult, saying goodbye to a second home is even harder.

I will miss the support I found over the years in Senesh parents, in my colleagues in the staff and administration. In short, I will miss being part of the Senesh community. But, as Doctor Seuss advised, rather than lamenting that it’s over, I am happy that I was so fortunate to have had these fourteen years.

Your children have always kept me on my toes, brought joy and laughter into my life and taught me so much!

I wish everyone a well deserved relaxed summer 🦋


להורים שלום,
איזו שנה מדהימה עברנו וכמה נושאים שונים ומגוונים למדנו. סיפורים עם קצרים, משלים, דעות מול עובדות, יתרונות וחסרונות של שימוש בסמארטפון, תעודת זהות של ישראל – בולענים של ים המלח, לימוד עריכת ראיון ועוד.
שנה הבאה מחכים לנו נושאים מרתקים נוספים עם מגוון חומרים מקוריים ומעניינים.
מאחלת לכולכם קיץ נעים ומלא בחוויות.


Now that the ERBs are well behind them, the 7th grade has been spending the past few weeks expanding on some 7th-grade math concepts, including solving linear equations, theoretical versus experimental probability, and creating and solving equations from word problems. In the final days of school, they will use their knowledge of percentages, bar graphs, and frequency tables for an investigation project. They will sort M&Ms by color and use the relative frequencies to determine which factory the M&Ms were produced in based on the color distribution in the package.
7th grade, it has been awesome being your math teacher this year; see you in September. Have a nice summer!

In the final weeks of science, we conducted a project that merged all the engineering skills learned to date. Students had to use a solar panel and motor to build their own solar car. Everyone applied their engineering skills and knowledge in order to create a functional solar car. We also discovered the limitations of solar power! This has been an amazing year and I am very proud of all the growth students have demonstrated. I cannot wait to continue this journey together in 8th grade.