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January 23

Judaic Studies with Ariana 
Fourth grade has been learning about Ancient Israel.
We created a 3D time line that describes events from the Biblical Times of Abraham to the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions.
We read historical sources and engaged in conversations about the different kings that reigned in Israel.
We will continue to cover the stories more in depth through this year.
We continue learning Chumash breaking down the pesukim determining which character is speaking each time, highlighting verbs and places too.
In Tefillah, we have been working on Birkot ha Torah.
Everyone is doing an amazing job!
We are ready to take on Torah reading in a near future.

Hebrew with Rimma and Tomer

The 4thgrade finished a unit about “special objects and feelings.

 We read short stories about Tamar and her classmates, about market day and the money that kids collected in order to donate to the hospital. We learned how to write thank you letters and to give a special recognition to someone. We will continue to explore the topic of good deeds, acts of kindness and recognition during “Kindness Week “next week. We will talk about our trip to Sean Casey center in Hebrew and will discuss how a small act of kindness every day do not go unnoticed and can be the key to brightening someone’s day.

Our great Shinshinim  Zohar and Elal did an activity about values and leadership skills that are important in our lives.


General Studies with Dawn

It was great to see many of you at the Martin Luther King Jr Tekes. The students knew their parts to the I Have Dream Speech so well, thanks to all the practice they did with you at home. We are wrapping up our study of the Civil Rights Movement with writing pieces about King and the movement.  You might ask your child what they decided to write about.

In math we have started our study of fractions. Today we made Fraction Kits which make equivalent fractions very concrete and visual. The kits can also be used to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.

In social studies we are finishing up our study of the American Colonies and will be moving into our study of the American Revolution.

Yesterday we had our service trip to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.  It was a beautiful day to walk the dogs around the neighborhood and we even had the chance to hear from Sean Casey himself about the shelter he founded.