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Inside Hannah Senesh

בית ספרנו

The years spent in elementary and middle school are developmentally rich and transformative, in academic, social, and emotional areas.  

Multiple and varied experiences, in diverse settings, contribute to children’s growth as learners, and provide tools for developing strong and positive self-identities.  As a Jewish community day school, we at Hannah Senesh are committed to helping our students achieve their fullest potential as they learn to navigate the waters of the American/Jewish world and beyond.

At Hannah Senesh, our core curriculum is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and skills acquisition, is based on a model of critical-thinking and open-inquiry, and is constantly enhanced by teacher-developed materials on current themes and topics.  Our dual curriculum of general and Judaic studies offers students a stimulating and challenging approach to learning.  Our classes are rigorous yet nurturing, rich in content, and creative in experience.  The fundamental tools for learning, which are introduced in the early years, continue to be reinforced and expanded at every grade level.