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Honoring First Responders and Frontline Workers in the Senesh Community

The Talmud teaches us “whomever saves a life saves the world.” Our Senesh community is so proud of the enormous contributions of our alumni, alumni parents, and current parents working on the frontlines. Our students are honoring and thanking community members risking their lives by making cards, which will be shared with Senesh frontline workers in our community and at NYC hospitals.
If you are a Senesh parent, alumni parent, or alum who is working on the frontlines,
please let us know so our community can honor and support you.

Dr. Eitan Dickman P’23, P’21, P’19 and Dr. Micki Fagan P’21, P’19 have been tirelessly caring for an overwhelming number of people affected by COVID-19. They are not only taking care of patients but are swiftly restructuring hospital policies, procedures, and operations to help the community at large. They are committed to their medical mission and ethical duty in the face of personal risk and continue to perform their duties diligently, unwaveringly, and without complaint despite seeing colleagues fall ill. Their families are so proud of them.

Jenna Goldstein, RN ’07 shares: I work as a nurse in a pediatric emergency room. Thankfully, the virus appears to be less severe in children and we’ve definitely been spared the worst of it so far. However, we’ve expanded our age limit from 18 to 30 and we’ve been sending nurses over to the adult emergency room to help out. We’re all working really hard and doing the best we can with limited equipment.

Dr. Rafi Klein-Cloud ’03 shares: I am currently at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York in Washington Heights, and we are feeling the intense pressure of patient overload and equipment shortages caused by COVID-19. Our pediatric ICU is in the process of absorbing another hospital’s PICU so they can use that space to take care of COVID-19 patients. We are on the front lines. Thank you for all you are doing to flatten the curve, including social distancing and hand-hygiene. If you are looking for ways to contribute, we are seeking donations of personal protective equipment (PPE), please reach out to masks@nyp.org, or to me at rk3001@cumc.columbia.edu.

Dr. Aviv Tarrab Herzlich P’28, an OBGYN Attending Physician at a Brooklyn hospital shared: All I can say is that I have never been prouder to stand with all the healthcare workers in this extraordinary time.  It seems that things are getting better and I am very hopeful.

Gary Shikhman, Service Advisor for Ford, P’18, P’15 In this time of uncertainty everyone has to do their part. As a service advisor for Ford, Gary is supporting first responders by ensuring their vehicles are in working condition and able to get to people in need. His primary clients are ambulance drivers, police officers and firefighters.

Jenny Ajl, MSN, MPH, FNP-C, ’02 shares: I am a family nurse practitioner at a community health center in Tucson, Arizona. Thankfully, we have yet to experience anywhere near the caseload of NYC, but we certainly are doing what we can to take care of the patients in the community, both those who are experiencing symptoms of COVID as well as those who are struggling with other acute and chronic health and mental health conditions.

Dr. Lawrence Wolf P’19, P’15, P’12 shares: I work as an internal medicine physician, and I am the Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program at Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park. I am the lead doctor of one of our Covid-19 units, and I am responsible for ensuring that all of our medical units have enough doctors to take care of our patients. I also have the challenging task of trying to keep the morale up of our stressed-out doctors-in-training.

Steve Montag is completing his emergency medicine residency at the St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. Steve treats coronavirus patients as soon as they show up at the ER, before they are admitted to the hospital. He does initial exams, deals with urgent matters, gets them medication, and provides oxygen for patients who need it. He is working hard to help patients stay comfortable as they begin the long road of recovery. He is working quickly and efficiently, as the ER is crowded and running low on space. On Monday, April 6, his one day off this week, he got married to Senesh Middle School Director, Sarah Kay!

Beth Weiner RD, CDN, P’27 shares: I am the clinical nutrition manager at a rehabilitation and long-term care facility in Brooklyn. Work is emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting. All the staff, regardless of department, is feeling it deeply and of course the residents are too. We are losing residents daily due to COVID. We are also receiving more reports of staff members that are infected. My facility is a beautiful one and for many reasons. One of those reasons is for the love and family-like atmosphere that is here. Everyday we come to work is to take care of our residents while also being there for one another. Thank you for recognizing the hard work that everyone is putting in during these times.