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Hello 4th Grade Families

General Studies with Mike:

We’re continuing our math unit on estimation and number theory. This week, we moved into factors (including common factors and greatest common factors). This concept requires students to have a solid understanding of multiplication facts, so feel free to practice multiplication up through the number 12 at home. You can find multiplication games at timestables.com/games.

We’re midway through our first read aloud, The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo. This week, we discussed how to keep track of the problems and solutions that arise in books we read, and also how to keep track of the recurring ideas or objects that authors present in stories.

In writing, we continued to draft our realistic fiction stories. Some students began their second or third pieces in their writing notebooks. All students should have multiple stories to choose from when we begin publishing in a few weeks. Our focus during the past two weeks has been learning how to start our stories with interesting leads and then tying up all the loose ends at the end.

Students have taken great interest in our social studies unit on European Exploration. We discussed how Christopher Columbus’ voyage began the Age of Exploration and how this impacted European settlers as well as indigenous people of the Americas.

Judaic Studies with Margaret:

In Judaics we’ve begun searching for evidence in our case of which brother deserves the birthright. We also discussed the midah/virtue of “V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha,” love your fellow person as yourself and did some imagining of how we would treat others vs. how we’d want to be treated in the same hypothetical situation.

Hebrew with Ilana S.:

This week we worked on past tens and infinitive (to do verbs). Also we learned a story, worked on comprehension and had vocabulary. WE also practiced Yoga and worked on listening, controlling the body and following directions related the social emotional program. The student have their first recording reading due Monday. Please make sure that your child practice reading and record it on Vocaroo.come or any other website and email it to me to ilanahebrew@gmail.com

Shabbat Shalom