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Greetings Kindergarten Families!


We are close to finishing out our first full week of school where we have been working on our stamina and fully jumping into all subjects!

In math, we have explored numbers 1-5 and discussed similarities and differences (same and different) in objects and numbers. Students really enjoyed playing “Match It” and getting to use their new workbooks!

In phonics, we have met our new friend Mabel the elephant who works with us as we learn new letters and words. We have started exploring letters through studying our friends names in class using the word wall, name chart, name cards, movements and play-dough.

In writing, we have opened up our writing center to make paper choice and use new writing tools. We are using our new writing folders to organize our work and choose to add on to a new story or start a new one.

In reading, we have picked books for our new book baggies and are learning good individual reading behaviors.

Both groups have also started quiet choice after recess where the class takes 5 – 10 min to work on themselves and their needs by silently reading, resting, or writing. Kindergarteners absolutely love this time!

Until next time,

Liz and Talia