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Grants for Girls/Non-Binary Students Entering 3rd Grade in 2021-22

Hannah Senesh Offers Grants for Girls and Non-Binary/Gender Nonconforming Students Entering 3rd Grade in 2021-22 School Year

Families Awarded Grants Will Pay Tuition of Only $15K Per Year for Three Years

Jewish families with girls and non-binary/gender nonconforming children who are in second grade this year and will enter third grade in the fall of 2021 have a unique educational opportunity—the chance to send their child to Hannah Senesh Community Day School at a significant discount on tuition. 

A grant has been established to create equitable gender representation for the class of 2027. Families who receive the grant will only pay $15,000 per year in tuition for the next three years.

Hannah Senesh provides an incredible educational experience with supportive teachers, small classes, and a warm, welcoming community of parents. Senesh is a highly respected Jewish day school that values gender equality in all areas of religious and secular education.

Please contact our Admissions Director Annette Powers for more information. To learn more about our admissions process, click here.