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Goodbye, 8th Grade!


In the final weeks of science this year, we conducted our final project. We explored the morality of science. Students selected a science concept that could morally be argued against. For example, cloning, nuclear weapons, or self-driving cars. Students decided if they were pro or con and presented the class with their arguments. 


We have explored so much science this year and I know these students will face high school with a strong sense of confidence. This has been an amazing year, and I am so proud of all their achievements this year.


Good Luck Class of 2021

Mike Noll


Israel, musical rehearsal, and graduation practice, oh my! The 8th grade has been busy for the past few weeks preparing for some of the rites of passage of graduating Senesh students. There hasn’t been much activity on the math front but, as your math teacher, I want to wish you all farewell. I’ve known many of you since 5th grade; I even had an enrichment group with some of you during my first year at Hannah Senesh! Thank you for the math moments, the hallway hellos, and the fun. I wish you all the best in high school! Congratulations, Class of 2022!


Dear parents,

I cannot believe this is the last blog I’m writing this year! Your children have come such a long way. Starting the year nervous about learning Hebrew with a new teacher, they learned that they are able to write and act out skits in Hebrew, lead daily conversations on a variety of topics, learn songs in Hebrew and even write their own songs. It was with such joy that I saw them engage in daily conversations in Hebrew in Israel, learning and using new expressions and slang. I am so proud of them for embarking on this learning journey this year, and coming out on the other side stronger in their confidence and knowledge.

The last two years have been challenging for all of us. As a result of the pandemic, my family has had to relocate unexpectedly. If saying good bye to a work place that one loves can be difficult, saying goodbye to a second home is even harder.

I will miss the support I found over the years in Senesh parents, in my colleagues in the staff and administration. In short, I will miss being part of the Senesh community. Your children have always kept me on my toes, brought joy and laughter into my life and taught me so much!

But, as Doctor Seuss advised, rather than lamenting that it’s over, I am happy that I was so fortunate to have had these fourteen years.

I wish everyone a well deserved relaxed summer and a smooth transition to high school 🦋


להורים שלום,
איזו שנה מדהימה עברנו וכמה נושאים שונים ומגוונים למדנו. סיפורים עם קצרים, משלים, יחידת לבוש, תנועות נוער יהודיות בארץ ובאירופה, קבלת החלטות, מי אנחנו? – עבודת שורשים וכמובן אוכל ישראלי.
קשה לסכם 4 שנים, היה לי תענוג גדול לעבוד עם הילדים שלכם, הם העניקו לי השראה ומלאו את השיעורים בתוכן.
תודה רבה על הכל, בייחוד על הליווי שלכם לאורך השנים והתמיכה, בלעדיכם זה לא היה קורה.
מאחלת לכולכם קיץ נעים ומלא בחוויות.