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First Week of Third Grade!

Community Building

It has been an exciting week of reuniting with friends and teachers, learning new routines, and exploring some of the changes in the building. We welcomed a new student, and introduced ourselves to new teachers as well. We are thrilled to have our community expand with new and kind people!

To start our day third graders played games to learn more about each other, delved into books about friendship, and shared their feelings about being back in school. We talked about how we love having our own desks, and started receiving more materials to add to them and care for. While many of us shared that they are missing some things about how school used to be, everyone agreed that it is nice to be able to be in the same space learning together.

As we navigate this new school year with safety first and foremost, we are so grateful to the supportive community and to the students’ positive attitudes. We look forward to learning joyfully and many more smiles!

New info:

For emails that you would like all third grade teachers to receive, please use the email address below:

3rd Grade Team:
Jessica– Reading, writing, social studies
Shira– Hebrew and Judaic studies
Tomer– Hebrew heritage
Sammi– Science
Justin– Mathematics
Anne– Outdoor Movement
Iviva– Art
Heidi– Music


A note from Justin:
Hi third grade families! I am so excited to join the Hannah Senesh community and to teach your children math this year. We have had a great orientation and first day so far this week building community, going over our classroom norms for math, and getting used to the new reality of the classroom before playing a game called place value mastermind:

Maybe your student can teach you how to play.
Math for all!