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First Grade News

Dear Families,

In Hebrew, we learned the letters bet and vet and their sound when we add the “Ah” sound. Then we practiced our reading, and we were able to read and write lots of words with the letters that we have learned so far like; bat (a girl), ba (to come for boy), baah (to come for a girl), abba (dad) and at(girl)/ata(boy) (you are). We also added more words to our word wall – bakbouk (a bottle), batzal (onion), bayit (house), balon (balloon) and barvaz (duck).

In Yahadut, we spoke about Yom Kippur and that it is a day when we reflect on the year, and say that we are sorry. We learned about Tashlich, and we reflected on the things we wished to keep from last year, as well as what we would like to throw away. We had our own Tashlich ceremony in which the first graders draw outside with chalk the things that they wanted to throw away and then washed them away with water.

In Tefila, we learned about the V’ahavta prayer. We worked on learning the words of the prayer and what they mean and that the prayer can be found inside of the mezuzah and inside of tefilin. We also had the opportunity to see the inside of a mezuzah and what Tefilin looks like.
In math, we continued to explore new math manipulatives as tools and practice using them to make patterns, count in different ways, make geometric designs, sort, add, subtract, and more.  We worked on many fill-in-the-blank numbers puzzles! We also learned math games such as “How Many are Missing” and “Top It” to practice our fluency. Next week, we will jump into our math books!
In reading, we have continued to learn about first-grade reading habits. We learned how to reread books to smooth out our voices and make a book stack to help us plan our reading. We also learned how to make a plan when we are independently reading.  Like riding a bike, we also started discussing how books are uphill (challenging – kids cannot make sense of the book by reading the words), downhill (easier, you don’t need to work while reading the words), and just right (you can read most of the words and understand the book). We started to book shop for our in-school book bags and practiced picking out just-right books. We decorated our take-home book bags and will start selecting books to bring home for homework in a week or so!

Check out our pics from the week:


Shabbat Shalom,
Liz and Ilana