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First Grade News

Hello Families,

It has been very exciting to see our first-grade friends in person during the whirlwind of the first couple days of school. We are eager to gush over how responsible, safe, and generally amazing your children have been these past couple of days.  It is evident you prepared them for many of our new procedures and how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. Thank you!

Once everyone became a bit more settled in our new routines, students have jumped into building their pod communities.  We have learned some new greetings and games to play in the classroom and have shared some of our new favorites and stories about our families and summer adventures.

Small moments (personal narratives) is our first writing unit that we launched today. We started by sharing a little story that happened to us and worked to stretch it out over many pages. We read The NIght of the Veggie Monster and noticed how to be dramatic in our storytelling! Kids jumped right back into writing workshop with their first grade paper (more lines!) and new flair pens.  We also received our own personal library bin with a variety of genres to start our reading workshop.  Kids explored book handling and how to share their opinions about books with a partner.

In science we read a book called personal space camp. We learned that words can have two VERY different meanings. We are now an expert in outer space as well as experts on personal space. 

We also learned how to use magnifying glasses. We observed various shells and shared their descriptions with the group. We can’t wait for what we discover next week!

And best of all we started learning about Rosh Hashanah. We discussed how Rosh Hashanah is the world’s birthday and learned  some of the important symbols of this special holiday, which are apples, honey, the shofar, a pomegranate, and a round challah. We spoke about different colors of apples and shared what is our favorite one in Hebrew.

This Sunday, our team will send out an email to families with procedures and information pertaining to the rest of the year.
Please congratulate your children on how hard they have worked!

Shabbat Shalom,

The First Grade Team