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First Grade News

This week the first grade teachers really enjoyed having families in our classroom community. Thank you for strengthening the school-home connection.  We love having you in the classroom and look forward to see families next week for Kesher Day on Monday and the Publishing Party on Wednesday.

In Writing this week we have been working on publishing our stories. We learned how to revise our story and make sure our characters were not frozen.  We added dialogue and movement in order to unfreeze our characters in our small moments.  We also learned how to add what the character is thinking and feeling in our writing.

In Reading this week we continued to read our guided reading books in small groups and work on specific skills like punctuation, and first and last letter sounds.  We also worked on reading and learning sight words.

During our Phonics lesson we learned how to use what we call “fancy professor words” in order to study our names.  For example, we learned about vowels, consonants, capital letters.  We talked about syllables and practiced counting out more words.  We even learned the word digraph and learned what sound sh makes.

In Math this week we transferred our knowledge of numbers bonds into number sentences and practiced using the words addition, plus and equals.  We also talked about the word number sentence!  Students were eager to add using this vocabulary and applied their knowledge from 1 more and 1 less while adding.

In Science, students began creating our daily weather calendar by adding their observations of cloud cover, precipitation, and wind.  We talked about the wind instrument that scientists use, the anemometer, and the scientific wind scale that measures wind speed from 0 – 12 miles per hour.  We also read a book about wind, and made our own wind flags we can use to estimate the wind outside.

In Hebrew this week, we learned the letter dalet. We also had a conversation about ourselves, including our names, where we live, what grade we are in, how old we are, and what we love. Then, we worked on a project where we wrote sentences in Hebrew about ourselves. The first graders were so proud to be able to write so many sentences. We can’t wait to share our beautiful work with you all on our publishing party next week.

This week parasha is parashat Vayera. We read the story about Avraham and the three angels, who came to tell Avraham that he and Sarah will have a son. Avraham invited them into his house even though he didn’t know them. We spoke about the importance of the mitzva of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests) and how should we welcome guests in our classroom.

We celebrated Greyson’s birthday in class as well as Ilana’s birthday!

Looking forward to seeing you at school next week!

Shabbat Shalom