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First Grade News

Hello Families,

This week in the Hebrew classroom, we continued to travel through the state of Israel. We visited the busy streets of Tel Aviv and then went down to Yam hamelach (the dead sea). The first graders were so excited to start to prepare for our Siddur Ceremony which we will celebrate on Tuesday May 23th at 9am. We also had lots of fun celebrating Yom Hahatzmaut together.

In Math, students are practicing how to tell time on both digital and analog clocks! Students learned about the parts of analog clocks and how to read them. Although in first grade, our goal is to learn time to the hour and a half hour, our students are so enthusiastic about time that we are also learning about quarter hours! We played the I have/Who has game, where students matched analog and digital times. Students also learned about am/pm and practiced writing about what happens at different times of the day. 

We have been continuing our reading adventures in storybooks! 1st graders have practiced revisiting (rereading) their books to notice more and understand the story better. We also reread and found pages that connect to the story’s main trouble (problem).  We notice that many clues and little problems lead to the main problem in fiction. We also have been getting to know our characters better. We are noticing who characters are and what they do, say, like, and dislike. At home, please continue to practice retelling after reading and building your child’s reading stamina.  We are able to read for over 20 minutes as a whole class!

Shabbat Shalom

Liz and Ilana