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First Grade News

Hello Families,

Our past seven days have been a whirlwind of preparation, celebrations, and our Seder.

We had a very busy week learning about Pesach in the Hebrew classroom! We learned all about the ten plagues and learned a song to review the 10 Plagues in Hebrew and English. The first graders had so much fun making their own ten plague bags that they will take home to bring to their Seder. We reviewed everything we can find on the Seder plate (kearat seder) and what they symbolize. We also spoke about the meaning of the word chametz (food that we are not supposed to eat on Pesach) and looked for chametz in our classroom. We also made Matzah with Rabbi Menashe Wolf. It was such a memorable experience! We enjoyed celebrating Pesach together and doing our own Seder!

On Friday morning, students discovered that our 1st grade Torah was missing! Our class lion, Rasheed, went looking for it and was also missing. The Super Secret Detective Agency sent us a message and some tools (notebooks and invisible ink pens) to help find him. Rasheed left clues as he went around the school, to show us where he had been. We had to use all our phonics skills (such as silent e, 3 letter blends, contractions, and compound words), to solve the clues! We found our Torah with the large school Torah in the Bit Midrash which we got to look at it closely for the first time. What an adventure!

Yesterday, we celebrated the incredible nonfiction writing chapter books our first graders shared at their publishing party! Last week we fancied up our book by adding dedications, other books by the author pages, blurbs, all about the author pages, glossaries, indexes and more! We read our book to our buddies and they wrote a compliments. Then we read from our book bag, chit-chatted, and had a toast! We are now ready to move on to opinion writing.

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Happy Pesach!

Ilana and Liz