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First Grade News

Hello Families,

It has been a very exciting week! We read Purim stories, played games and sang lots of Purim songs and we had so much fun celebrating Purim together!

In Hebrew, we continued to learn how to describe ourselves using different action words and colors and then we practiced it in our reading, writing and speaking. We also learned how to write the letters samech,mem sofit (final mem) and yud in script

InTefilah, we learned a new prayer from the Amida called hamachazir shechinato litziyon. The first graders had a wonderful conversation about where they believed God was and times when they have felt God’s presence.

In Parasha, we learned about Parashat Ki Tissa. We learned about the golden calf and that the Israelites made a bad choice. We talked about how everyone makes mistakes, and it is important for us to correct those mistakes and try not to make them again.

We have been writing, writing, writing our chapter books! We are continuing to work on structuring and organizing our books and information. We also learned how to make comparisons to help our readers understand what we are teaching. For example, writing “Shark skin is as rough as sandpaper” helps our readers put a picture in their minds that they can relate to. Next week we will work on adding examples.

In math, we are working on comparing two-digit numbers. We met a couple of alligators this week named Greater Than and Less Than. Students learned that math alligators are always hungry and point their mouths at the larger number!

Check out our pics:

Shabbat Shalom,

Liz and Ilana