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Diary of a Day-School Mom

Diary of a Day-School Mom

by Senesh parent Helen Chernikoff

Our kids’ school, the Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Brooklyn, is very on top of things. The attention to detail is really something fine, and it’s reflected in the number of emails they send me, some of which I manage to read. It sometimes makes me, a working mom with average organizational skills, feel a bit ashamed of myself … But mostly, I’m grateful. The school is a safety net.

Our communal encounter with coronavirus is a case in point. They were on it early. I’m talking late February; President Trump was promising the whole thing would “disappear.”

Nicole Nash, the head of school, wasn’t having any of that. The school asked every family that had traveled internationally during the break earlier that month to self-quarantine for two weeks. So we got exposed to the idea of quarantine really early and ever since, we’ve just been waiting for the announcement that finally came Thursday afternoon: Classes were cancelled. Read the rest of the article here.