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Dear Kindergarten Families הורים יקרים,

We have had an incredible last few weeks of school. On Monday we went to the Prospect Park Zoo and met many animals. We reviewed their names like קוף, גורילה, פרפר, כלב ים.

This week we went in depth in our learning about Shavuot. Our sfirat ha’omer count is almost at 49, and you know what that means… We counted out seven full weeks from Passover to Shavuot. We read “Ten Good Rules,” a book that explains the ten commandments, then wrote our own rules for the world. We also learned a story that every Jewish person who ever existed was at Mount Sinai when we got the Torah. We used our multicultural markers to draw Jewish people from many diverse places around the world because we know that Jewish people look different from one another.

From all of us on the Kindergarten team, it has been such a joy and pleasure to watch your children learn and grow this year. We laughed, baked, read, counted, experimented, sang, colored, danced, and loved through ten months of school. We are proud of all they have accomplished and look with marvel at these nearly First Graders. Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer!

Shabbat shalom and Happy Shavuot!

שבת שלום וחג שבועות שמח!

—Margaret, Talia, and Tal