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Hannah Senesh is a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade school. However, if you are looking for a preschool in our area there are lots of wonderful preschools to choose from. Here are some of these schools:

Jewish Preschools:

Brooklyn Heights Synagogue (BHS)

Director: Pam Karlin, 131 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201  T. 718.522.2070


Our philosophy is based on the belief that individual differences should be celebrated. Creating a classroom community where children feel secure and respected is the cornerstone of the BHS program.  As children develop warm trusting relationships with their teachers and peers, they learn how to express their feelings, cooperate with others and solve problems.  The close relationships between home and the school become a source for enduring friendships and the foundation of community life.

The program includes both large and small group activities as well as individualized learning times where children can develop skills that encourage confidence and a lifelong love of learning.  Through interaction with a variety of engaging materials, children explore, predict, think, and create.  Jewish values, rituals and principles are carefully woven into daily classroom life.  The celebration of Shabbat and holidays is integrated into the curriculum through literature, art, music, drama and dance.

Chai Tots

Director: Sarah Hecht, 70 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215   T. 718-499-0836


The programs of Chai Tots arise from a common desire for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families.  Our philosophy is one of nurturing, growth and development, relationships and understanding – all in the goal of establishing a love for learning, a fascination with holidays and life cycles events, and a passion for approaching the world in a Jewish way.

Our preschool is staffed with trained early childhood educators. Each member of our school faculty is sensitive to the needs of the children and their families and has a strong commitment to quality Jewish education.

Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center

Director: Jacqueline Israel, 274 Garfield, Brooklyn, NY 11215 T. 718.499.6208


Established in 1978, Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center adheres to a play-based, individualistic approach to preschool education inspired by a constructivist philosophy. Our curriculum emerges organically from your child’s interests, ideas, and experiences.Children naturally have a strong disposition to explore and discover. Through play, your child is encouraged to communicate and interact with their environment, allowing them to grow an understanding of themselves, their relationships, and develop important cognitive skills.

We know that speaking and understanding a second language is a tremendously beneficial to children. That is why we offer a dual language track for your child to actively learn in both English and Hebrew. Utilizing children’s natural ability to acquire language, this gentle and playful classroom setting adheres to ur developmental interactive philosophy by presenting children with active, hands on curriculum based on their interests-in both languages.

We introduce your child to Jewish religion and culture in the same way we approach our curriculum–by making it relevant, meaningful, and accessible to young children, with values and diverse traditions imparted through classroom projects.

Above all, we are an inclusive community committed to maximizing the potential and participation of all types of learners in our classroom

Kane Street Kids

Director: Rivka Seeman, 236 Kane Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231  T. 718.875.1550


Kane Street Kids opened in September 2005, and is part of Kane Street Synagogue. The central goal of Kane Street Kids is to promote our children’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being within a progressive Jewish environment which is welcoming to all.  To achieve this goal we emphasize caring, thoughtful and enriching interaction with teachers and peers, and a curriculum and philosophy that offers children structure as well as ample opportunities for free choice and exploration in a secure, caring environment.

The children who attend Kane Street Kids will, in a natural and comfortable manner, partake of Jewish traditions and practices throughout the day and throughout the school year.

Kiddie Korner

Director: Shternie Raskin, 117 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201  T. 718.596.4840


Kiddie Korner seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child. The school is devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.  In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

We present opportunities for physical, social and intellectual growth in a program providing the following modules: quiet time and activity, contemplation and creativity, as well as work and fun. The program will invite exploration, discovery, problem-solving and academic achievement at the developmental level of each individual child.

Union Temple

Director: Susan Sporer, 17 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238  T. 718.623.1322


The Union Temple Preschool is a three year, morning program for two, three, and four year olds. Extended days are available four afternoons a week for three and four year olds. Our goal is to lead children comfortably through the separation process, teach them to function in a group, and leave the school ready for kindergarten. Our dedicated, nurturing staff provides a secure, stimulating, child-centered environment that enhances self-image and fosters social growth. The curriculum has a Jewish perspective – celebrating the Jewish holidays, family and lifecycle events – but is open to all children in the community.