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Eighth Grade Blog

Our Time in the Negev

After a (mostly) restful night’s sleep in Mitzpeh Ramon Youth Hostel, we woke up early to drive to Midreshet Ben Gurion, overlooking the canyons and ravines of the Negev. We davened under the olive trees of Ben Gurion’s garden and then visited his gravesite next to his wife Paula. Afterward we went on a hike through Ein Avdat National Park and saw water fall through the valleys. We had falafel and ice cream in the nearby town before we feasted on cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, kumquats, and strawberries at Shvil Hasalat (the salad trail) on a moshav in the western Negev....
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Arrival in Israel!!

Hello Senesh and Senesh Families! Welcome to our first blog post of Hannah Senesh’s 8th grade 2023 Israel trip! It was a long two days of travel, and a hard day of being archeologists! Everyone was a good sport on little sleep. While we were archeologists at the ancient city of Maresha, we dug, sifted through rubble to find treasures, and uncovered pieces of pottery that hadn’t been touched in 2200 years—since the time of the Maccabees! We then crawled through the very narrow passageways of caves! We had to squeeze our bodies through small tunnels and winding paths. At...
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October in the 8th Grade

Humanities This month in ELA, students are hard at work on their personal essays. They have studied model texts from expert professional writers as well as student writers, and they are now putting their learning to practice in their own stories. A reminder that students can use these essays in their applications to private schools. They follow the ISAAGNY prompts exactly! In Social Studies, students are learning about the geography, agriculture, and economy of the antebellum United States. As part of this, we learned about the history of cotton and indigo in the New World, a commodity that was fostered...
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Hello and welcome, Class of 2023! (Can you believe it?!)

Humanities I am so very excited to begin my fourth year at Hannah Senesh (and my 9th year in education) with this group of 8th graders! I look forward to engaging students in new and challenging content that will solidify the work they’ve already been doing in previous years. As students read books from contemporary and historic American authors in their ELA course, they will also learn about the rich American legacy in their Social Studies course. Students will explore the questions “What is the American legacy and how do I contribute to our future?” “What is the impact of...
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Goodbye, 8th Grade!

Science In the final weeks of science this year, we conducted our final project. We explored the morality of science. Students selected a science concept that could morally be argued against. For example, cloning, nuclear weapons, or self-driving cars. Students decided if they were pro or con and presented the class with their arguments.    We have explored so much science this year and I know these students will face high school with a strong sense of confidence. This has been an amazing year, and I am so proud of all their achievements this year.   Good Luck Class of...
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May in the 8th Grade

Humanities Between play rehearsals, the 8th Grade is hard at work drafting their Israel reflections and their graduation speeches. Heritage Hebrew להורים שלום, אני מקווה ששלומכם בטוב. לפני הנסיעה לישראל עבדנו על יחידת שורשים וזהות יהודית של תלמידי הכיתה שהייתה מאד מעניינת ומאתגרת. השבוע נעבוד על מבחני אוואנט שבודקת מיומנויות למידה, המאפשרת לנו להעריך ולעזור לתלמידים. שבת שלום, אילנה Judaic Studies We are beginning a new unit, themed to the play! 8th graders will be reflecting on the obligations between children and parents through Torah, Talmud, modern sources, and their own thoughts. What, if anything, do children owe to their...
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Day 15: Safed and Travels Home

Today was our last day in Israel! We started by going to the city of Safed. There we learned about the origins of Kabbalah, a part of Judaism that focuses on the metaphorical. We saw old and new houses, and a beautiful beeswax shop. Then we explored a street in the city that was filled with art and artisanal jewelry stores. Then we headed to the Sachne, a freshwater spring, which we swam in. Now we are getting tested to go on the airplane back. See you soon! From, Reuben and Matias

Day 14: Rafting, Chocolate Making, and a Party!

Today we woke up early and made our way to a biking program and took an hour-long ride with a view of Mount Hermon, before taking the bus towards a river rafting program, where we got to raft down a river that intersected with the Jordan river, and ended with a small waterfall. After that, we made our way to the Galita chocolate factory where we got to make our own chocolate bars! We ended the day with a party on a rental boat on the Kinneret, with lots of screaming and dancing. From, Clea and Alina

Day 11: Exploring the North

Today, we went to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. While we were there, we read about Israeli inventions and played a VR game. Then we drove to eat lunch and see Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi’s grave. Then, we went on a hike to look at the Kineret. It was very beautiful to see it from so high up on a mountain! We drove to our new hotel and prepared for our last Shabbat together in Israel. From Clara and Naomi