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Day 3: Friday, April 13th: blog from Laurel and Sara

We started our day at 6:30 to pray, then soon after we got on the bus. The bus ride was one hour to get to an archaeological dig site. At the dig site we dug up dirt from over 2,000 years ago and found shards of pottery that used to either be plates, cups or bowls. We went into tunnels from thousands of years ago, and one tunnel had candles to light the way. In the tunnels we went into there were holes from where the people used to raise pigeons for sacrifice, food, and fertilizer (We are sure you...
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Trip to Cobble Hill Health Center

  Reading This week both reading groups finished their books! Each group completed a special activity that relates to a part of their book. One group created a chalk garden, based on their book The Chalk Box Kid, and the other group made Kasha Varnishkes based on a part of their book, The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein. Then, each group member paired up with one from the other reading group and they talked about their final activities, and discussed each of their books. We have so enjoyed reading these wonderful books, and can’t wait to start new books soon!...
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Day 2: Thursday, 4/12- Yom haShoah blog post from Ilai and Robert

Robert and Ilai reporting from up high in the mountains of Jerusalem. Waking up at 6:45, we got a bright and early start to our day. Today was Yom HaShoah so appropriately we started at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. We had a meaningful tour and reflected on our history as Jews. After that we went for lunch at Machane Yehuda, a shuk. We got souvenirs and authentic Israeli food. We continued onto Mount Herzl and saw the honorable soldiers whose lives were lost during their service. We heard stories from members of the staff about their friends and family...
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5th Grade Week of 3/26

We had a great time reading Passover stories to our buddies, celebrating Passover in our themed seders and  5B went to the BAC. Wishing you all a Chag Sameach!            HUMANITIES: Another great week in Humanities! We continued our study of Revolution is not a Dinner Party, and in history, students finished their AMAZING Ming Treasure Ship projects! Chag Sameach, and a wonderful break to all!-Tony JUDAICS: I am so proud of the 5th grader’s music and text skills! All of your children signed off on the Passover Kiddush. They learned how to pronounce, understand and sing the...
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Passover 5778 Dvar Torah

By Fifth and Sixth Grade Judaic Studies Teacher Laura Marder Dor V’Dor, דור ודור, usually translated as “Generation to Generation” is a common phrase heard at Passover seders and throughout the Jewish year. It is often defined as the idea that the older generation passes ideas, history, values, and traditions down to the younger generation. This phrase ran through my mind as I walked down Smith Street on March 14th with a group of middle school students to join the National School Walkout gathering at Boerum Hall. As I watched for cars while we crossed busy intersections, I realized that...
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Week 25: Monday, March 5th – Friday, March 9th

Advisory Dear parents, This week in advisory we practiced relaxing and re-setting through mindful coloring, mindful journaling, Yoga, and dance. Hebrew Dear parents, This week we finished the unit on the future tense. We practiced leading conversations in the future, wrote short paragraphs and read short texts. We also learned a new song. On Friday, we took a culminating test on the Future tense. I wish everyone a restful weekend, Andreea Judaic Studies We completed our exploration of Jewish sources and their perspectives on drinking alcohol. On the one hand, we looked at the Maharal, a 16th century commentator from Prague,...
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First Grade News

We had a blast on our trip to the National Museum of Mathematics this week! Check out our pictures below.   This week first grade writers picked a piece to be published next week. They learned how to use pictures to add more information to their teaching books, and started to edit their pieces. We also started to plan for our class publishing party. So far, we are thinking that we will share our stories and have a dance party!   As part of our Social Studies unit on mapping, first graders became cartographers and made maps of the first...
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January 29th – February 2nd

Judaic Studies 7th graders continued to explore chapter 11 of Bmidbar, focusing on the interaction between Moshe and God. What does Moshe really want from God? Does he get it? As part of our translation, we reinforced two grammar skills: ה’ השאלה and ו ההיפוך. The 7th graders participated in a Tu b’Shvat seder in class. The 17 century Kabbalist Isaac Luria came up with the idea of having a seder on Tu b’Shvat to explore kabbalistic ideas through eating different types of fruit and drinking 4 cups of wine / grape juice. Students were amazing at preparing the room...
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