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Third Grade Blog

October 26 — different ways we’ve thought about learning

Dear Third Grade Families, We have had three full weeks of school, so far, and we are more used to the routines of each day. As a class, we are continuing to work on making eye contact (when talking to someone), and speaking loud enough for everyone to hear you. Next month will begin with two changes — students will have new lunch spots AND students will have new desk groupings. This is very exciting! In math, we tied up our unit on mental math. This section was about discussing the strategies we use to do math in our head...
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October 12 — Writer’s See, Writer’s Do

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, Over the past two weeks, we had a first for the school year — our first full week! I would say we did exceptionally well throughout the week, keeping up a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. Social Studies: We have learned a bit more about US Government, such as checks and balances, how bills become laws, and how these three branches of government relate not only to New York State, but also to our classroom. This week, we talked a little bit about the earth — specifically continents, oceans, and mapping....
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September 28 — Sukkot Celebrations and NYS Counties

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade families, We hope you have had a sweet beginning to 5779! Last Thursday, some third graders had the opportunity to work with Anne and half of the seventh graders in the garden. Together, they helped move the nutrient-rich dirt (aka compost) onto the flower and vegetable garden, helping to keep it healthy.                   Throughout the week of September 24, students were also able to eat their lunch under the sukkah (weather abiding)! What a special opportunity! On Wednesday, September 26, students interacted with their individual...
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September 14 — Shana tova!

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, Let’s be honest: how perfect is it that Rosh Hashanah coincides with the start of a new school year, filled with new beginnings? What an exciting first two week of school we have had! Throughout their time in the General Studies room, students were not only able to take the time to get to know me, but also to learn more than they thought they knew about each other. As students played  “Get to Know You Bingo” they learned fun facts such as, a few students play musical instruments, some students are...
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August 30 — The first day is just around the corner!

Dear Third Grade Families, We hope you had a wonderful summer! Welcome to an exciting year of learning in third grade! The first day of school is fast approaching and we are busy preparing the classrooms. This year, the third grade team includes both new and returning teachers. General studies teacher, Hilary Davis, Hebrew teacher Ilana Swisa and Judaics Studies teacher Aliza Donath are excited to continue their work in third grade, working together to create our third grade community. New to the staff is Margaret Piraino (Aliza’s maternity leave replacement), who is thrilled to be joining the Senesh community....
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