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Sixth Grade Blog

Welcome to 6th Grade! 9/17/21

Humanities  Hi! I’m Naomi, and this is my 6th year as a 6th grade humanities teacher and advisor at Hannah Senesh. It’s so exciting to start off this year back in the building each day! I’ve had a great time beginning to get to know the students this week, and I’m looking forward to a year filled with academic growth and joyful learning in our friendly and colorful classrooms. In Social Studies and English Language Arts, students can expect to engage deeply with texts: we’ll read critically for deeper meaning and draw connections to our own lives and the world...
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6th Grade News: End of Year Edition!

Humanities:  Wow – what a crazy, back-and-forth, challenging, surprising, exciting, and fun year it’s been! I’ve been so impressed with the 6th graders’ resilience and positive attitude these past several months while adjusting to new routines, tiresome protocols, and ever-changing schedules. Being around their joyful energy inspired me to stay positive and persevere during this long-lasting pandemic, and for that I am truly grateful. We closed out the semester in Humanities with a multi-media group project that required students to imagine and create their own medieval manor (country village). In small teams, students researched the daily lives and customs of...
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6th Grade News: 5/7/21

Humanities:  In humanities class this week, we began discussions about our new class novel, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. The story tells the strange and spooky tale of a child raised by ghosts in a graveyard. Though his upbringing is anything but ordinary, the conflicts and internal struggles he faces as he comes of age are universal and relatable. While 6th graders experience the emotional and physical changes of their “tween” years, The Graveyard Book provides an engaging entry-point to conversations about gaining independence, building personal identity, and navigating our relationships to our homes and the outside world as we...
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6th Grade News: 4/16/21

Humanities:  We had so much fun in Social Studies this week celebrating our Rome research projects during our 6th grade Roman Banquet. At the banquet, students read from their research essays and shared “artifacts” they made related to their topics. Check out all the artifact videos at this link (if it asks for a password it’s RomeResearch), and see photos from the event at this link. We reclined on pillows and blankets, just as wealthy Romans did during ancient times, we sipped on grape juice just like they drank wine, and we enjoyed ancient Roman entertainment in between presentations, like...
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6th Grade News: 3/12/21

Humanities:  These past several weeks in humanities have included mature and nuanced discussions about social justice issues in the past and today. As we wrapped up our ELA unit on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, we had open and honest conversations about how our country’s legacy of racism continues to impact our communities and world. We explored questions like: How do prejudices begin to form at a young age? How is systemic racism embedded into our institutions? How can we help prevent racism around us and within ourselves? I was so impressed with students’ thoughtfulness, maturity, and self-awareness during these...
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6th Grade News: 2/12/21

Humanities: These past few weeks in 6th grade humanities have been busy with reading, researching, and writing. In ELA, we are in the midst of wrapping up our unit on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. I’m so impressed with students’ insightful and mature reactions as the book nears its difficult and violent end. Throughout the unit, students have learned about the overt racism and discrimination that marked the Jim Crow era in the United States, and in the lessons following February break, we will continue learning about how that history impacts attitudes and systems today. In Social Studies, we...
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6th Grade News 12/11/20

Advisory We are grateful that in recent weeks, our advisory time has given us the opportunity to participate in community service. As you may know, our school is holding a PPE drive in order to collect much-needed safety and cleaning supplies for the Brooklyn Landmark School. Last week, 6th graders created multi-media advertisements for the younger students encouraging them to donate supplies. We were excited to take on a leadership role this week, too, as several 6th graders stood downstairs in the lobby during morning drop-off to collect items for the drive and spread the word to parents. During other...
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6th Grade News: 11/13/20

Advisory: In 6th grade advisory periods and morning meetings this month, we’ve focused on a variety of important academic and social skills. We identified and practiced healthy behaviors on social media, and then followed up with discussions about the role of non-verbal communication. Students are beginning to see how those all-important non-verbal cues are not present when we text or type online (emojis aside . . .! ), and we hope that they will keep this in mind when they decide how and when to communicate messages online. Other advisory topics have included reading and following all instructions (and doing so independently!), time management strategies,...
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6th Grade News: 10/9/20

General 6th Grade + Advisory The first month of school this year has been different than any other! Students and teachers alike are slowly but surely adjusting to a hybrid schedule and to learning routines that best ensure our health and safety. We are also embracing the surprise benefits of these strange times, including an influx of innovative digital learning tools that are useful now more than ever, as well as new opportunities for community-building — both grade-wide and in our tight-knit pods, both virtually and in person. Thank you for your patience and support from home as we continue...
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Welcome to 6th Grade! 9/11/20

Humanities:  My name is Naomi Forman, and I’m looking forward to another year as a 6th grade humanities teacher and advisor. While this year may feel different and strange at first, I’m confident that together we’ll learn joyfully, challenge ourselves academically, and grow even stronger as a community. I can’t wait to continue to see many 6th grade faces (though mask-covered!) back in our friendly and colorful classrooms, and I’m also excited to try out innovative digital platforms during our remote classes online. In Social Studies and English Language Arts, students can expect to engage deeply with texts: they’ll read...
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